Child Sponsorship background from Ziguinchor, Senegal

Child sponsorship ZiguinchorSOS Children's Village Ziguinchor

The SOS Children's Village is located near Ziguinchor airport. It has twelve family houses, the director's house, a guesthouse and administrative buildings. It opened in February 1998 and can take in up to 100 children.

Near to the SOS Children's Village, there are several small local facilities. It is easy to access a small medical consultation room, the public hospital, and a supermarket.

With regard to religion, the children at SOS Children's Village Ziguinchor are Christians as well as Muslims and form a united and representative community of the country.

Other SOS Projects in Ziguinchor

On the village grounds there is also an SOS Nursery, which is open to not only children from the SOS Children's Village, but also to children from the neighbourhood. It was completed and opened in September 1998. It has four classrooms and small annex rooms and can take in and care for around 140 children.

Background to Ziguinchor

Ziguinchor is the capital of the Ziguinchor Region, and the chief town of the Casamance area of Senegal, lying at the mouth of the Casamance River. It has a population of over 230,000 (2007 estimate). It is the second city of Senegal, but largely separated from the north of the country by The Gambia.