Child Sponsorship background from São Domingos, Cape Verde

Sponsor a child Sao DomingosSOS Children's Village São Domingos

The SOS Children’s Village São Domingos is located on a quite steep hill, planted with trees, a few kilometres out of São Domingos. It was officially opened on the 5 October 2004.

It consists of eight family houses - where a total of 80 children are currently housed - a Village Director’s house, a house for SOS aunts (who take care of the children in case an SOS mother's absence), an administrative and service block, and a sports ground.

Other SOS Projects in São Domingos

The SOS Nursery was completed along with the SOS Children's Village, and provides supervision for up to 50 children from both the SOS Children's Village, and the local neighbourhood.

Background to São Domingos

São Domingos is the town that constitutes the seat of the São Domingos Municipality in Cape Verde.

São Domingos has a few primary schools, two secondary schools, one technical school, churches, beaches, a post office and squares (praças). There is a small port at Praia Baixo used for artisan fishing, but most maritime traffic must come through the deeper and more modern ports at Pedra Badejo or Praia.