Child Sponsorship Background from Penonomé, Panama

Child from Penonome, PanamaSOS Children's Village Penonomé

The second SOS Children's Village in Panama is located, 150 km away from the country's capital of Panama City, and on the outskirts of the province's capital of Penonomé.  SOS Children's Village Penonomé is just off the Pan-American Road.  The place was chosen because of the social difficulties of this region.

The rural area around Penonomé does not offer enough employment to all families.  This is why many leave their children behind in order to search for work elsewhere.

SOS Children's Village Penonomé became operational in 1990; the official opening took place in April 1991.  The buildings, which have been set up in a circle on a building site of about 50,000 square metres, are idyllically surrounded by small hills. 

The SOS Children's Village consists of twelve family houses, the village director's and other co-worker's houses, a library, a sewing room and a community building which includes an office.

A large part of the site is used for agricultural purposes: fish farming, small animal breeding, fruit and vegetable plantations. Within easy reach of the SOS Children's Village, there are schools, a hospital and the national university.

Other SOS Projects in Penonomé

Apart from that, an SOS Youth Home was set up in the city centre of Penonomé in 1996.  It comprises a number of youth communities where young people live together cared for by a youth supervisor and prepare for their future independence.

Background to Penonomé

Penonomé is the capital of the Coclé province which is in central Panama, on the Zarati River. Agriculture is the dominant in the local economy, though there has been a rise in revenue generated from tourism in recent years.