Child Sponsorship background from Mahres, Tunisia

Children from Mahres, TunisiaSOS Children's Village Mahres

The first SOS families moved into SOS Children's Village Mahrès in March 2000, but it was not officially opened until October that year in the presence of the Tunisian Minister of Youth, Mr Zouari.

Eighty children can be cared for in the 10 family houses at SOS Children's Village Mahrès, which is 30 km from Sfax (the second largest city in Tunisia), right at the entrance to the city and on the sea. The village director, the aunts and guests all have their own house and all those who live in the SOS Children's Village have the same right to use the administration and service area that is available . The sports ground is very popular and the children can gain technical experience in a workshop.

Other SOS Projects in Mahres

In 2002 a sociocultural children's club was created at SOS Children's Village Mahrès, which focuses on IT and multimedia.

The affiliated SOS Nursery opened at the same time as SOS Children's Village Mahrès and has been available for 80 children since then (also those from neighbouring areas). The three to four year olds, who are cared for by trained kindergarten teachers, are divided up into three group rooms, one of which is also used as a multi-purpose room. In addition to an office and kitchen, the facility also has a sick ward as well as a playground in which the children can play on climbing frames, swings or simply run around.