Child Sponsorship Background from Lome, Togo

Child sponsorship at LomeSOS Children's Village Lomé

SOS Children's Village Lomé is located in the north of the town of the same name, in the Tokoin Wuiti district and was officially opened on 16 November 1979 in the presence of the President's wife, Mrs Badagnaki Eyadema. It includes nine family houses for many children, an administration building, a personnel house, two open round huts and the village director, aunts and guests all have their own house.

Other SOS Projects in Lomé

In November 1980 an SOS Nursery School was also added to the SOS Children's Village which allows for children (also from neighbouring areas) to be cared for in two group rooms. Moreover, there is a class for individual tuition and there is a playground for the young children to play on climbing frames, swings or to run around.

So as to encourage the young people, who are reaching the age when they will leave the village, to become more independent and to prepare them for that, in 1987 flats were rented where young people are only supervised by one caregiver and have to become increasingly responsible for their time. Young people stay in an SOS Youth Community for about four years, but those who are still in education or who are looking for work can stay there for longer.

The devastating impact of HIV/Aids finally led to the creation of an SOS Social Centre in Lomé in January 2004 which educates and supports those in need and is focused on those families who have been affected by this immunodeficiency disease.

Background to Lomé

Lomé, with an estimated population of more than 700,000, is the capital and largest city of Togo.  Located on the Gulf of Guinea, Lomé is the country's administrative and industrial centre and its chief port. Lomé lies in the extreme south west of Togo, up against the Ghanaian border.