Child Sponsorship background from Gulu, Uganda

Day Care at the SOS Social Centre Gulu UgandaSOS Children's Village Gulu

The SOS Children's Village Gulu comprises twelve family houses for 120 children, a village director house, a community and guest house, an SOS aunt house (SOS aunts take care of the children when SOS mothers are on leave) including the laundry, an administration building, a service, workshop and store building and a central tukul (covered gathering place).

Other SOS Projects in Gulu

There is an SOS Nursery here, and about 50-80 patients receive medical treatment per day at the SOS Medical Centre Gulu which was opened in June 2002. It comprises two treatment rooms and one laboratory. Priority is given to preventive medical services, health education and counselling and immunization programmes.

The SOS Social Centre was opened in June 2002. It comprises a meeting room, an office and a tent which accommodates the day care centre. At the moment 50 children from single mothers and natural mothers are taken care of. The SOS Social Centre provides support with regard to health care, nutrition and education. In addition, about 200 children receive psychological assistance on a regular basis. The SOS Social Centre also helps and supports natural mothers and youths who have no parents in finding income generating activities.

Background to Gulu

Gulu is the economic capital of Northern Uganda. The reduced violence since the rebel LRA moved out of Uganda has resulted in an economic revitalization. Peace has also brought a lot of help from the International community in terms of Non-Government Organizations. These NGOs are helping the community in various ways by providing food, medical help and rehabilitation centers for formerly abducted children. The NGOs have also created many jobs.

Gulu is the home of Gulu University, which has a wide range of programs ranging from agriculture to medicine, business management and conflict resolution. It is the only public university in northern Uganda and the parent institution of Gulu University School of Medicine, one of the four accredited medical schools in Uganda.