Child Sponsorship background from Douala, Cameroon

Sponsor a child Douala, CameroonSOS Children's Village Douala

SOS Children's Village Douala was built in the south of the city of the same name.

It was built on a seven-hectare plot of land that had been made available by the authorities and is situated on the road linking the cities of Douala and Yaoundé. It has 10 family houses and can house up to 120 children. It also consists of a village director's house, an administration building and a house for the SOS aunts (SOS Children's Village mothers in training, who actively support the SOS mothers).

Other SOS Projects in Douala

Like all the SOS Children's Village ancillary facilities in Douala, the SOS Nursery is located within the grounds of the SOS Children's Village and can also be attended by children from the neighbourhood. It was opened in 2007 at the same time as the SOS Children's village and up to 75 children can be taught there. The nursery has three classrooms and several adjoining rooms for the administration.

The SOS Primary School is also open to children from the neighbouring community. It has 6 classrooms and can be attended by up to 210 pupils. A canteen and an administration area are also part of the school's infrastructure.

Within the village compound, there is also an SOS Social Centre, combined with a small medical centre. There, the aim is to provide the people with medical care and inform them about local preventative measures. The centre has a treatment room, an examination room, a pharmacy, some offices for the director and the social- and pedagogical workers as well as an administration area. Up to 1,000 patients can be seen there every month.

Background to Douala

The city is located on the banks of the Wouri River, the two sides linked by Bonaberi Bridge. Its population in 2008 was recorded at close to 3,000,000. It is the most important seaport and the economic capital of Cameroon, and consequently handles most of the country's major exports, such as oil, cocoa and coffee, timber, metals and fruits.