Child Sponsorship background from Akouda, Tunisia

SOS Children’s Village Akouda

SOS Children's Village Akouda is situated in the suburbs of the town of the same name. It is near Sousse (seaport and third biggest city in Tunisia) and 140 kilometres south of Tunis. The Village was built on a site of approximately two hectares of land and includes fourteen family houses, the village director's house, administration buildings and a house for the SOS aunts (SOS mother trainees or family helpers, who support the SOS mothers), ancillary rooms and workshops. The SOS Children's Village can accommodate up to 112 children.

Other SOS Projects in Akouda

Children from the Village attend the local nursery along with youngsters from the community.

The SOS Social Centre was opened to the population of Akouda and its neighbourhood in 2008 - before the construction of the village even started. In addition to social, medical and material aid for children, this centre offers counselling regarding child education and career guidance for parents. Conceived with the aim of strengthening the families against poverty, this program is run in cooperation with the local authorities.