SOS Schools in Central African Republic

Only half of girls aged between 15 and 24 are literate in Central African Republic

SOS Primary School Bangui Central African RepublicIn Central African Republic, there are currently two SOS Schools and two SOS Nurseries. These facilities provide education to children from SOS Villages and from the wider community. Staff members are well trained and the resources available to students are of a high standard.  Below you can find an overview on the SOS Children education projects.

Martin's Story

Martin is four years old and lives in the SOS Children’s Village at Bangui. Even before he was signed up for the SOS Nursery, he woke at the same time as his brothers and sisters and watched them get ready for school. He was always asking his SOS mother to bring him too.

Bangui : SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at Bangui was opened in 1992. It has room for 125 children and takes around 20 children from the SOS village.

  • The school is divided into three sections (according to age/ability range) and provides learning in the areas of reading, writing, language and maths.
  • Recently the school took part in an “open door day” for preschool education in the area which was organised by the nursery schools of Bangui.  

The SOS Primary School at Bangui has over 800 students, divided into two groups, with over 400 coming in the afternoon from the SOS community schemes.

  • A high standard of learning is offered by the school, where 100% of pupils recently passed their ‘Primary School Diploma’ (compared to the national average of 86%).
  • Recently the school received a donation of 18 computers from a local business to improve the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training. The school football and handball teams also did well in reaching the region’s championship finals, which the girl’s handball team won.

Children from Bangui, Central African RepublicBouar : SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at Bouar opened in October 2009 and takes around 80 children, more than half of whom come from the SOS village.

  • The school focuses on the learning fundamentals, such as reading, writing, language and maths. There are also plenty of play activities.
  • The highlight of the first year was Christmas, when the pupils celebrated with a Christmas tree.  

The SOS Primary School at Bouar opened in October 2009 and has room for over 200 pupils. Currently, around 10 students come from the local SOS village.

  • Primary education stage 1 is offered to pupils in six classes and the school has been given a wonderful library by a donor in Sweden.
  • For the future, the school aims to introduce a range of cultural activities and to introduce English and Computer classes.