SOS Schools in Cape Verde

In Cape Verde, over 1 in 10 young children are not enrolled in primary school.

SOS Nursery School Assomada Cape VerdeIn Cape Verde, there are currently two SOS Nurseries. These facilities provide education to children from SOS Villages and from the wider community. Staff members are well trained and the resources available to students are of a high standard.  Below you can find an overview on the SOS Children education projects.

Vanessa's Story

Children in Cape Verde love a sweet delicacy called ‘kuskus’. 12 year-old Vanessa loves cooking and often lends a hand to cook the ‘kuskus’. It’s a nice treat to have with a glass of milk after a day at school.

Assomada : SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at Assomada has around 90 children, a few of whom come from the SOS village but most from the local community.

  • Children are taken out on regular trips, such as a recent outing to Santiago Island. Outings were also made to the library, post office and market.
  • The children celebrate a number of important days including Mother’s and Father’s Day, World Food Day and Day of the Child. For the SOS young children’s games, there was a carnival march through the streets of Assomada City.

Sao Domingos : SOS Schools

The SOS Nursery at São Domingos has over 100 children, almost all coming from the local community.

  • Special events at the nursery include the party for all children leaving to go to primary school and the SOS Children’s Games.
  • All kinds of special occasions are celebrated by the children, including mother’s day, children’s day, national hero day, Easter and Christmas.