Child Sponsorship background from Canchungo, Guinea Bissau

Children from Canchungo, Guinea-BissauSOS Children's Village Canchungo

SOS Children's Village Canchungo consists of 12 family houses, a village director's house, guest house, aunt house (SOS aunts take care of the children when SOS mothers are absent), an administration and service block, a multi-purpose hall, a gatehouse, a laundry, a house for the power generator, and an African hut for gatherings and cultural activities. Since the water supply of the people living next to the SOS Children's Village was also insufficient, a well was built on the premises of the SOS Children's Village which is connected to the public water supply system. Thus, hundreds of people enjoy drinking water on a daily basis.

Other SOS Projects in Canchungo

The SOS Nursery school consists of four group rooms which accommodate about one hundred children. The SOS School (primary school) offers an education to 210 pupils. It comprises six classrooms, a multi-purpose hall and an administration and service area.

Background to Canchungo

Canchungo is located in the western Cacheu Region of Guinea-Bissau.  With a population estimated to be over 35,00, it is the most important urban centre in the country.  It is approximately 75km from the capital Bissau.  Rice cultivation, subsistence agriculture and fishing are the main local economic activities.  Health provision is poor in the area, as are literacy rates and school attendance rates.  This is especially true for girls.