The Gambia
Gambia mother and child
At present SOS Children supports over 23,000 people in The Gambia through 2 Children’s Villages, a youth home, 2 Nursery Schools, 2 primary Schools, a SOS Vocational Training Centre, a Family Strengthening Programme and a Medical Centre. The second SOS Children's Village, Nursery and Primary School opened in Basse in the east of the country in 2007. … more about our charity work in The Gambia

Child Sponsorship Background from Basse, Gambia

Feb 23, 2010 02:45 PM

A look at the projects run by SOS Children for orphaned and abandoned children in Basse, the Gambia, and an overview of the surrounding area.

SOS School Basse GambiaSOS Children's Village Basse

SOS Children's Village Basse comprises 12 family houses, a director's house, a guest house, a house for SOS aunts (SOS aunts take care of children when SOS mothers are away), an administration area, a gatehouse, a store/generator house, an African hut and a laundry room.

Other SOS Projects in Basse

The project also comprises an SOS Nursery School and an SOS School. The future SOS Primary School has the support of the Ministry of Social Welfare in The Gambia. 420 children aged 6-12 will benefit from the new SOS Primary School each year. Children attending the school will come from both the SOS Children’s Village Basse and from the local community.

SOS Children encourages the children at our villages to interact with local children, and we want our facilities to benefit those who live nearby. Nine personnel will be employed at the school: six teachers, the director and two administrators.

Background to Basse

Basse Santa Su, usually known as Basse, is a town in The Gambia, lying on the south bank of the River Gambia. The eastern most town in the nation, it is known for its important market. As of 2009, it has an estimated population of 18,414.