Bangalore, Karnataka

Child from Bangalore in India

Bangalore is sometimes known as the 'Silicon Valley of India' due to a fast-growing IT sector. Located in the province of Karnataka in south-east India, Bangalore is the third most populous city in India. Urban poverty remains high, partly due to a rapid population growth which is putting pressure on local infrastructure and services. 

There are a growing number of slums in Bangalore, with more and more living in them. Some families have been living in slums for two or more generations.  

Families struggle to meet basic needs

Many people move to Bangalore, from neighbouring states and rural areas, in search of a better life. Unfortunately, this dream is often not fulfilled. There is a lack of infrastructure and services, and the growing population only means competition is increasing for resources. 

People have inadequate sanitation facilities and clean drinking water, which means diseases are common. Health and education services are also poor. The combination of these factors lead many families struggling to meet their basic needs.

Children in Bangalore

Linked to the high poverty levels, many children do not go to school, but try to earn an income by working.  Families who do manage to send their children to school are extremely vulnerable to changing circumstances. For example, if a working family member is ill or has an accident, the family is plunged into poverty with few social safety nets. Households headed by females are the most vulnerable, in this respect. 

SOS Children helps on a community level in Bangalore

In Bangalore we work with the local community to deliver services that help children and families in as many ways as support is needed. Firstly, SOS Children's Village Bangalore, located in the Hulimavu neighbourhood, is a home to vulnerable children who are unable to live with their families. Secondly, we work in the community to support families to give their children a happy and healthy childhood. 

The SOS Children's Village Bangalore provides a loving home for orphaned or abandoned children. They live in an SOS families, and grow up with SOS brothers and sisters. Young children attend an SOS nursery, while older ones attend local schools. In both settings they make friends with children from neighbouring families and integrate into the community. Special importance is given to the teaching of sports, music and traditional dancing. We have a well-equipped learning centre, which includes a library and a computer centre.  

When the young adults are ready to leave their SOS families they join our SOS youth programme. With the support of qualified professionals they are guided through this new stage of their lives as they start vocational training courses, attend higher education or look for work. 

We also aim to raise awareness of hygiene and children's rights and give guidance on parenting skills. We provide families with food, educational support and medical treatment. We have a sick bay which administers basic medical care. In order for families to generate income, we offer them vocational training, career counselling and advice job hunting. We train people in advanced animal husbandry and tailoring or help them set up small businesses selling vegetables.

Children and families in Bangalore have been supported by SOS Children since 1990. You can help this community by sponsoring a child today.