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Following the economic disaster of 2002, nearly 50% of Argentinean children were living below the poverty line. At this time, SOS Children's work became more necessary than ever.

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Economic and social crisis

Argentina is the second-largest country in South America. Economic collapse in 2001 left more than half the population in poverty as the country struggled with record debt levels and currency devaluation. Recovery is taking place and it is now one of South America's largest and most competitive economies. In spite of Argentina's impressive recovery, thousands of people are still suffering the consequences of the economic downturn, especially the poorest members of society. Currently, about 11% of the country's population live in conditions of poverty. However, rural poverty is a lot higher and remains a critical problem.

Growing up in Argentina

Around 630,000 children in Argentina have lost their parents. Many of these grow up in dysfunctional families or on the streets instead. Adolescent pregnancy remains a big problem in Argentina. Babies born to young mothers face a higher risk of neglect and abuse, poverty and physical illness.Child labour also remains an issue in present-day Argentina. In rural areas, 36% of children between the ages of five and 13 engage in labour activities. In most cases, work interferes with the education, which means that the majority of working children either miss classes on a regular basis or do not attend school at all.

Our Work in Argentina


We have four Children’s Villages in Argentina, and offer support to children from the wider community from nursery-level right up to adulthood.


Argentina's first Children's Village opened in 1979 on the outskirts of Oberá, a town in the north-east Misiones Province, bordering Paraguay. Initially built with six houses, the Village was later extended and now provides a home for up to 108 children. The Village has a farm which families can use to grow their own fruit and vegetables. We also work with older children, helping them achieve independence while still living under our care. The Village also has a nursery for nearly 200 small children. An SOS School in the Village provides primary and secondary education, as well as vocational training and adult education evening classes. The schools are open to the public, providing facilities to support the local community.

Mar del Plata

Our second Children's Village was built near Mar del Plata, a seaside resort on the Atlantic Coast about 250 miles south of Buenos Aires, in 1982. The Village site was moved to a more central location in 1997. In 2000, a nursery was opened, which is also available to families in the neighbourhood. A playing field gives children space to learn sports and to keep fit. We also run a daycare centre in Mar del Plata for children in the community, so that parents can attend vocational training courses or work to support their families while knowing their children are safe.


Argentina's third Children's Village opened in Córdoba in central Argentina in 2000. The Village includes a sports ground and a multi-purpose hall for special events so that the community can celebrate together. Children attend one of the several primary or secondary schools close to the village.


A fourth Children’s Village opened in Luján, near Buenos Aires, in early 2008. This Village was built in the "Americano" district of Luján. The Village has good transport links and children and youths living at the Village go to local public nurseries and schools. An SOS Community Centre provides support to help families stay  together by providing childcare and vocational training for parents.

Child from Mar Del Plata, ArgentinaLife in SOS Children's Villages Argentina: Keeping Siblings Together

Pablo, aged 5, used to live on the streets, and arrived at SOS Children’s Village Luján a few weeks before his three younger siblings, due to legal reasons. Pablo could not wait to see his brothers: "The encounter was very touching," said his SOS mother Maria. "Little Pablo opened his deep black eyes with utmost delight. His lips stretched so as to express his enormous satisfaction. He was certainly the happiest child in the world." SOS Children is dedicated to keeping natural siblings together for life - and Pablo’s story shows us why.

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