SOS Schools in Albania

In Albania, there is currently one SOS School and one SOS Nursery.  These facilities provide education to children from SOS Villages, and from the wider community.  The staff members are well trained and the resources available to students are of a high standard.  Below you can read recent information from SOS Children education projects in Albania:

SOS Schools in Albania: In-Depth

Children at the SOS Nursery School Tirana, AlbaniaTirana

Description of SOS Schools:

The SOS Nursery consists of five group rooms and has a capacity for up to 125 children. The adjoining SOS School offers both primary and secondary school education to up to 300 children. It includes ten classrooms, two laboratories, a library, a multi-purpose hall and a canteen.

SOS Nursery

Work and Achievements (Taken from a staff report):

"During the year 2009 the average number of children attending the SOS Nursery was 109. Out of 120 kids currently attending the SOS Nursery, 13 are from the SOS Children’s Village, 29 are from the Family Strengthening Programme, 6 are supported by financial aid, and the rest are from Sauk and Tirana cities.

A very important educational part of work has been the collaboration with the parents of the Family Strengthening Programme. Joint meetings and trainings have been held for parents and children attending the SOS Nursery for the first time.

Apart from this, work is also focused towards developing the skills and talents giving children the opportunity to enhance their values through various activities.  

The results achieved by children that graduated the SOS Nursery system and now attend the first grade, either at the SOS School or other schools in Tirana, have been pleasing." 

SOS School

Work and Achievements (Taken from a staff report):

"In 2009, the SOS School had 283 students; from first to fifth grade there were 163 students and from sixth to ninth grade there were 120 students. There were 62 students living in the SOS Children Village and 211 non SOS students. 24 students benefit from either a full and partial scholarship of which 9 are from the Family Strengthening Programme.

In the framework of the after school programme, 61 students from the Family Strengthening Programme are active participants; 38 students attend an English course, 54 a computer course and 2 a painting course.

One of the school priorities is student perfomance. The pass rate of the school is currently 100%. In June 2009, for the first time, exams took place for the ninth grade students in mathematics and Albanian language.  The students performance was competitive with schools at a national level. 20 students performed well above the national average, and the overall average of the SOS School was higher than the national average."