Aids Orphans in Somalia

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Somalia has been in the grip of a civil war since 1990 and has had no stable government for most of the time since then. Consequently, there is little statistical information on the prevalence of HIV/AIDS nor of infant mortality. Much of the work of SOS Children's Villages is focussed on bringing emergency medical help the people of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. This has included feeding and vaccination programmes and medical treatment as well as a temporary camp for orphaned children and an emergency hospital, often operating under shellfire.

SOS Medical Centre Hargeisa

Children under 5 receiving health care in Somalia

Open since June 2008, the SOS Medical Centre Hargeisa provides support to children from the SOS Children's Village at Hargeisa, Somalia's capital which borders Ethiopia in the North West of the country. In addition, children and families from the community benefit from the services provided at the SOS Medical Centre.

Approximately 1.8% of the population of the capital is HIV positive. However, the stigma attached means that many cases are unreported. There is little awareness of the disease and to the other extreme denial that it exists.

An SOS Family Strengthening Programme  based at the children's village supports children and families in the community in partnership with another Non Governmental Organisation. Free medical care and social support is provided to those who have been identified to receive help from the Family Strengthening Programme. The programme, based at the medical centre, supports nearly 400 children. The centre also serves as a mother and child clinic giving post and ante natal care. A specific under fives programme monitors growth and also offers free immunization.

A delivery room is due to open in January 2009 to cater for mothers who currently have home births. Over 90% of deliveries are done so at home so the services at the centre will support more complicated cases. A birth attendant will also be trained and attached to the centre while other birth attendants will be trained to help with home deliveries. Just as the SOS Mother and Child clinic provides services for free, home deliveries at Hargeisa will also be free while there will be a small charge for standard services at the clinic.

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