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Česky: Astronomický a astrologický symbol Země.
Deutsch: Astronomisches und astrologisches Symbol der Erde.
English: Astronomical and astrological symbol of the Earth.
Esperanto: Astronomia kaj astrologia simbolo de la tero.
Español: Símbolo astronómico y astrológico de la Tierra.
Français : Symbole astronomique et astrologique de la planète Terre.
Italiano: Simbolo astronomico ed astrologico della Terra.
Latina: Signum Telluris in astronomia et astrologica.
Nederlands: Astronomisch en astrologisch symbool van de Aarde.
Polski: Symbol Ziemi.
Português: Símbolo astronômico e astrológico da Terra.
Русский: Астрономический и астрологический символ Земли.
Slovenčina: Astronomický a astrologický symbol planéty Zem.
Svenska: Astronomisk och astrologisk symbol för planeten jorden.
Українська: Астрономічний і астрологічний символ Землі.
Date 2 April 2006
Source Own work (U+2295:⊕ U+2641:♁ U+2D32:ⴲ)
Author OsgoodeLawyer
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This vector image was created with a text editor. Some skill had been used to simplify the drawing.
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This image shows the character U+2641 published by The Unicode Standard.
All graphic representations of Unicode Characters are public domain.

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