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File:Tarbiyat School, Tehran, ca 1911.jpg


Tarbiyat School, Tehran. The writing on the blackboard states:

"Photograph of a part of the students of the Ethics School [Dars-e Akhlāgh] for Girls [Banāt], Tehran, Year 90"
("Aks-e ghesmati az shāgerdān-e dars-e akhlāgh-e banāt, Tehran, S [Saneh-ye] 90").

Here "S 90" refers to year 90 BE. The photograph has been taken on 13 August 1933.

Source: Official Site of the Bahá’í International Community, The History of Bahá'í Educational Efforts in Iran.

Note: It is conceivable that this photograph is not of the students of Tarbiyat School, but of the students of a usual Friday Dars-e Akhlāgh Class/School; the source of this photograph does not specify it unequivocally. For completeness, Dars-e Akhlāgh Class/School can be compared with Sunday School of the Christian communities. Further, Tarbiyat School for Girls was established in 1911 in Tehran and was closed by government decree in 1934. (Source: The History of Bahá'í Educational Efforts in Iran.)


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