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Maximum sizes of Thunnus tuna species. (centimetres)

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Creation info

Created in Ruby using SVG::Graph v0.6.1 by Pengo. And then hand-massaged (to make the x-axis use black text, put species names in italics, and shift labels by a few pixels so that they line up properly).

Source code

Output of program must be redirected into a file. e.g. save source code to tuna_graph.rb and then run

ruby tuna_graph.rb > tuna_all_sizes.svg

Source code:

 require 'SVG/Graph/BarHorizontal'

 fields = ['Auxis rochei eudorax', 'Auxis rochei rochei', 'Auxis thazard thazard', 'Euthynnus affinis', 'Allothunnus  fallai', 'Thunnus atlanticus', 'Katsuwonus pelamis', 'Euthynnus alletteratus', 'Thunnus alalunga', 'Thunnus tonggol', 'Gasterochisma melampus', 'Thunnus albacares', 'Thunnus maccoyii', 'Gymnosarda unicolor', 'Thunnus obesus', 'Thunnus orientalis', 'Thunnus thynnus']
 thedata = [36.5, 50, 65, 100, 105, 108, 108, 122, 140, 145, 164, 239, 245, 248, 250, 300, 458 ]

# Note: need to change .xAxisTitle to black by hand still... 
#  .xAxisTitle{
#  text-anchor: middle;
#  fill: #000000;

 graph ={
   :height => 400,
   :width => 800,
   :min_scale_value => 0, # 0 = default
   :fields => fields,
   :rotate_y_labels => false,
   :key => false,
   :scale_integers => true, # make sure the scale is in whole numbers
   :scale_divisions => 50,
   :show_x_title => true,
   :x_title => "centimeters"
   #:no_css => true

   :data => thedata,
   :title => 'cm',
   #:show_title => false

 #print "Content-type: image/svg+xml\r\n\r\n"
 print graph.burn


Image credit: Peter Halasz. ( User:Pengo)

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