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scan of photo by R. de Salis, cApril 2006, Rodolph 20:10, 1 March 2007 (UTC)


Original spelling and punctuation unedited.

[on right] Wimbleton Aug: 25th 1737
I am ashamed to have been so long with out
thanking you, my Dear lady Hane, for your very
kind leter from florance dated the 10th of Sep: 1736,
but besides the intolarable load of business that
I have upon me, upon account of my family who
are with out experience & love nothing but pleasure,
I am never well, nor can I ever hope to have the
use of my limbs more, but at this time I can make
a shift to write with a very weak hand. I am
extream sorry you can give me no better an account
then you do of your helth, & that your pains are so
bad, & that you are not mended as to your speech,
but I am sure nobody can express them selves
better than you have in your leter, you mention coming
to England, but you don't name the time, but I
hope I shall live to see you again & I will live
& dye Dear lady Hanes most faithfull friend &
oblidged humble servant S. Marlborough


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