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The Chinese character zhé, meaning " verbose". With its sixty-four strokes, it is the most complex. It fell from use around the fifth century AD. This character is mapped on the Unicode at U+2A6A5.

A recording of its modern Mandarin pronunciation is here:

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This was created by automatically tracing the outline of the character 龍 in the Simsun font, thus creating a vector image. Three clones of this vector image were then created (this method should make the file no bigger than if there were only one of that original vector image).

Public domain
This image is in the public domain because it is an SVG representation of an ancient script.

The script itself predates the modern concept of copyright, and the creator of the SVG version has released (or hereby releases) into the public domain any copyright generated by the making of the file (and grants an unconditional licence to anyone, for any jurisdictions in which public-domain release is not legal). This applies internationally and for any purpose.

Attribution is not required but appreciated.

Example: the Chinese character 龍/龙 in seal script
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