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File:Wordoku puzzle solution.svg

Solution to Wordoku puzzle. Both the puzzle and the image is created by me, havarhen ( talk).

The puzzle was made by putting the word "WIKIPEDIA" diagonally in the Wordoku box, and then adding some more random characters to the Wordoku characters string at the bottom. Then using this string to convert the Wordoku board to a Sudoku board by substituting every character with a number between 1 and 9. The solution was then made by solving the board using the Sudoku solver made by Peter Norvig, Solving Every Sudoku Puzzle.

The Wordoku puzzle it self was made by first removing the diagonal numbers wich initially made up the word "WIKIPEDIA", and then running the puzzle through a program which reduces the sudoku to the smallest possible puzzle, suex9-. I then added back some clues so that the puzzle would be easier, so the total numbers of clues ended up at 30, and then converted the Sudoku back to a Wordoku board.
Date 2010-09-01 09:31 (UTC)
The svg-diagram is a derivative work from Oceans_Hypersudoku18_Solution.svg created by Oceanh (and uploaded to WikiMeda under the Cc-by-2.5, Cc-by-sa-3.0-migrated, GFDL licenses), wich itself is a deriviate work from en:File:Hypersudoku400 Final.svg created by User:Vystrix Nexoth (and uploaded to the English Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation Licence), from which a significant part of the svg-code for colors and line drawing is taken. The design of the diagram is further a derivative work from en:File:Hypersudoku400 Final.jpg created by Chris McCusker (and uploaded to the English Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation Licence).
  • derivative work: havarhen ( talk)
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The puzzle itself is Public Domain.

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