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Description A moebius strip parametrized by the following equations:
x = \cos u + v\cos\frac{nu}{2}\cos u
y = \sin u + v\cos\frac{nu}{2}\sin u
z = v\sin\frac{nu}{2},

where n=1.

This plot is for display purposes by itself as a thumbnail. If you are looking for the image that is part of the sequence from n=0 to 1, see below for the other verison, along with a larger version (800px) of this image
Date 19 June 2007
Source Self-made, with Mathematica 5.1
Icon Mathematical Plot.svg
This mathematical image was created with Mathematica.
Author Inductiveload
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Public domain I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
In some countries this may not be legally possible; if so:
I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

Icon Mathematical Plot.svg      Mathematical Function Plot
Description Moebius Strip, 1 half-turn (n=1)
Equation :x = \cos u + v\cos\frac{nu}{2}\cos u
y = \sin u + v\cos\frac{nu}{2}\sin u
z = v\sin\frac{nu}{2}
Co-ordinate System Cartesian ( Parametric Plot)
u Range 0 .. 4π
v Range 0 .. 0.3

Mathematica Code

Nuvola apps important.svg Please be aware that at the time of uploading (15:27, 19 June 2007 (UTC)), this code may take a significant amount of time to execute on a consumer-level computer. Integrated circuit icon.svg
Antialias Icon.svg This uses Chris Hill's antialiasing code to average pixels and produce a less jagged image. The original code can be found here. Icon Mathematical Plot.svg

This code requires the following packages:

MoebiusStrip[r_:1] =
      {u, v, n},
      r {Cos[u] + v Cos[n u/2]Cos[u],
          Sin[u] + v Cos[n u/2]Sin[u],
          v Sin[n u/2],

aa[gr_] := Module[{siz, kersiz, ker, dat, as, ave, is, ar},
    is = ImageSize /. Options[gr, ImageSize];
    ar = AspectRatio /. Options[gr, AspectRatio];
    If[! NumberQ[is], is = 288];
    kersiz = 4;
    img = ImportString[ExportString[gr, "PNG", ImageSize -> (
      is kersiz)], "PNG"];
    siz = Reverse@Dimensions[img[[1, 1]]][[{1, 2}]];
    ker = Table[N[1/kersiz^2], {kersiz}, {kersiz}];
    dat = N[img[[1, 1]]];
    as = Dimensions[dat];
    ave = Partition[Transpose[Flatten[ListConvolve[ker, dat[[All, All, #]]]] \
& /@ Range[as[[3]]]], as[] - kersiz + 1];
    ave = Take[ave, Sequence @@ ({1, Dimensions[ave][[#]], 
    kersiz} & /@ Range[Length[Dimensions[ave]] - 1])];
    Show[Graphics[Raster[ave, {{0, 0}, siz/kersiz}, {0, 255}, ColorFunction ->
     RGBColor]], PlotRange -> {{0, siz[[1]]/kersiz}, {
  0, siz[]/kersiz}}, ImageSize -> is, AspectRatio -> ar]

deg = 1;
gr = ParametricPlot3D[Evaluate[MoebiusStrip[][u, v, deg]],
      {u, 0, 4π},
      {v, 0, .3},
      PlotPoints -> {99, 3},
      PlotRange -> {{-1.3, 1.3}, {-1.3, 1.3}, {-0.7, 0.7}},
      Boxed -> False,
      Axes -> False,
      ImageSize -> 220,
      PlotRegion -> {{-0.22, 1.15}, {-0.5, 1.4}},
      DisplayFunction -> Identity
finalgraphic = aa[gr];

Export["Moebius Surface " <> ToString[deg] <> ".png", finalgraphic]
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