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Dansk: Molybdæn, del af elektronstråle-smeltet makrokrystal med renhed 99,99 % ("4N"), samt en enkeltkrystallinsk molybdænterning på 1 cm3 af meget høj renhed (99,999 % = 5N) til sammenligning.
Deutsch: Molybdän, grobkristallines Bruchstück eines elektronenstrahlgeschmolzenen Stabes. Reinheit 99,99 % (= "4N"), sowie für den Größenvergleich ein hochreiner einkristalliner (99,999 % = 5N) 1 cm3 Molybdän-Würfel
English: Molybdenum, ebeam remelted macro crystalline fragment. Purity 99.99 % (= "4N"), as well as a high purity single crystalline (99.999 % = 5N) 1 cm3 molybdenum cube for comparison.
Русский: Сверхчистый молибден (99,99 %) в виде макро кристаллического фрагмента. Для сравнения дан куб объёмом 1 см³.
Date 22 May 2010
Source Own work
Author Alchemist-hp ( talk) (
Camera Model Canon 5D Mark II
Lens Canon EF 100mm
Notes made by focus stacking software from 12x single shots
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English: Molybdenum (Mo, atomic number 42). The ebeam remelted macro crystalline fragment of this silvery metal has a purity of 99.99 % ("4N"). For comparison, a high purity single crystalline (99.999 % = 5N) 1 cm3 molybdenum cube. The metal was discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1778.


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