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English: Saturn eclipsing the sun, seen from behind from the Cassini orbiter. The image is a composite assembled from images taken by the Cassini spacecraft on 15 September, 2006.

Individual rings seen include (in order, starting from most distant)

  • E ring
  • Pallene ring (visible very faintly in an arc just below Saturn)
  • G ring
  • Janus/Epimetheus ring (faint)
  • F ring (narrow brightest feature)
  • Main rings (A,B,C)
  • D ring (bluish, nearest Saturn)

At full resolution, the distant Earth is visible as a dot above the left extremity of the main set of rings. For a detailed description, see and

Français : Saturne éclipsant le soleil, vu par la sonde cassini. Image composite.

Les anneaux visibles sur cette photo sont (du plus externe au plus interne)

  • Anneau E
  • Anneau de Pallene (seul un arc est très faiblement visible juste sous Saturne)
  • Anneau G
  • Anneau de Janus et Epimetheus (faiblement visible)
  • Anneau F (très brillant et étroit)
  • Anneaux principaux (A,B,C)
  • Anneau D (bleuâtre)
Date 15 September 2006
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Author NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
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English: Eclipse of the Sun by Saturn
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