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English: Bar of (Al) Aluminium crystal growth raw material, with visible dendrites on the macroetched surface, purity 99,9998 %, sector size about 55 × 37 mm (from the collection of Ethan Currens).
Français : Une barre d' Aluminium (Al), avec une surface dépolie à l'acide pour en révéler la structure. Pureté: 99,9998 %, taille de la portion photographiée : 55 × 37 mm environ.
Deutsch: Sichtbare Strukturen auf der Oberfläche eines geätzten (Al) Aluminium-Barrens, Reinheit 99,9998 %, Ausschnittsgröße ca. 55 × 37 mm.
Ελληνικά: (Al) ράβδος αλουμινίου, ορατές δομές σε μια χαραγμένη επιφάνεια, καθαρότητα 99.9998 %, μέγεθος τομέα για 55 Γ ? 37 χιλ.
Italiano: Dettaglio superficiale (55 × 37 mm) di una barra di alluminio (purezza ≥ 99,9998%). La superficie è stata pulita mediante attacco chimico con acido (etching o mordenzatura) in modo da evidenziare, anche a occhio nudo, la struttura dei cristalliti metallici.
Date 27 August 2008
Source Own work
Author Alchemist-hp ( talk) (
Camera Model Canon 5D Mark II
Lens Canon EF 100mm
Notes made by focus stacking software from 5x single shots
Applications-graphics.svg This is a retouched picture, which means that it has been digitally altered from its original version. Modifications: Focus stack with Helicon Focus of 5 images..

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English: (Al) Aluminium bar, visible structures at an etched surface, purity 99,9998%, sector size about 55mm * 37mm


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