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Image of Paul Dirac

  • Author: anonymous or pseudonymous, per EU Copyright Directive (1993), Article 1, §§1-4
  • This image was published not later than 1933 in conjunction with the Nobel Prize in Physics. If anyone has information that an author (photographer's actual name) was published in connection with this photograph within 70 years of its original publication, please make a note on this page and indicate where the author's name was seen to be publicly disclosed in connection with this image.
  • A search of the US Copyright renewals shows no record of copyright renewal, as would be required to extend copyright protection beyond the year 1961. If anyone has information that would document a copyright renewal in the U.S., please cite it on this page by clicking on "Edit this page".
  • Source:
Public domain
The copyright of this image has expired in the European Union because it was published more than 70 years ago without a public claim of authorship (anonymous or pseudonymous), and no subsequent claim of authorship was made in the 70 years following its first publication.
Dialog-warning.svgTo use this template, the image must meet both of the following two conditions:
  1. published over 70 years ago, and
  2. the original author's actual identity was not publicly disclosed in connection with this image within 70 years following its publication.

Images that lack either of these two conditions should not use this template.

Reasonable evidence must be presented that the author's name (e.g., the original photographer, portrait painter) was not published with a claim of copyright in conjunction with the image within 70 years of its original publication. Works which had not entered Public Domain in their country in 1996 should be marked additionally with {{Not-PD-US-URAA}}.

Public domain
This Swedish photograph is free to use under one of the following cases:
  • For photographic works (fotografiska verk), the image is in the public domain:
a) if the photographer died before January 1, 1944, or
b) if the photographer is not known, and cannot be traced, and the image was created before January 1, 1944.
  • For photographic pictures (fotografiska bilder), such as images by the press, the image is in the public domain if created before January 1, 1969 ( transitional regulations 1994).

The photographer, if known, should always be attributed.
Always provide source information.

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