How to Write in Your Diary at School

Are you bored at school? Then write in your diary at school! But follow these tips and steps very carefully.


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    Choose a small diary. This will be easier to hide in your desk and easier to hold. A regular notebook is good as well because it won't stand out among your other schoolbooks.
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    Write in it when your work is finished and at recess and lunch periods.
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    Keep your diary out on your desk and keep your arms wrapped around it while writing.
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    Write in it during class periods(when the teacher's not looking!) Also carry it with you to every class.


  • Consider using a diary with a lock so in case you forget it somewhere, no one could read it.
  • Try to get a back row seat if possible so people can't read over your shoulder.
  • Every time your teacher walks by have a worksheet or notebook to cover your diary up with, so that they don't see what you're writing. It could be very embarrassing if someone finds out what you have been writing. Also, make sure that if you're writing about someone (in a good way, as negative things about people shouldn't go in a diary unless they find it)that they are not nearby, as they could say, "Hey, I just saw my name in there, what are you writing about me?"
  • If your teacher sees you writing in it tell him/her you didn't know the rules and promise not to write in it again (yeah, right) or say you were taking notes for future revision.(or spelling error corrections!)
  • Don't write in your diary if there's an important test coming up.
  • If your friends start getting suspicious quit writing in it for a few days.
  • Fill the first pages of your diary with boring notes or mathematics sums. Surely your friend can't be that studious! If you are caught by the teacher, you could show the notes!


  • Don't ever forget it in one of your classes.
  • Don't show off to people.
  • Never leave your diary at school. Never forget to bring it either.
  • If you do use a regular notebook, make sure you don't turn it in to your teachers by mistake!
  • Don't tell any of your friends about it or they might find it and read it!
  • Teachers may catch you.

Things You'll Need

  • A small diary or notebook
  • A pen or pencil
  • Something you want to write about

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