How to Write in Telephone Code

This telephone code can be complicated, but it is also fun. The code looks like a lot of numbers, but it is really a written message. Read on to learn how to use this code-- to encode and decode messages.


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    Draw a little telephone or use a real telephone. Just make sure the number buttons have letters above them.
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    Understand the code.
    • To write a letter, "A", for example, you would first put the key you found it on (2) and then the position (if it was 1st, 2nd or 3rd). In this case it would be a (1), so "A" would be 21; "N" would be 62, so the word "an" would be 2162
    • To put a space between words, a (0) and any number between 2-9 (ex. 07 or 03)
    • So 216209639153 would be "an owl" where 09 is the space.
    • If you want to include numbers in your message, such as the digit "3", you would put (1) and the digit (0-9). Using this coding, 12131314 is "2334".
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    Use the code.
    • Write secret notes that no one will understand.
    • Teach someone the code and send notes back and forth.
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    Expand the code. Think of ways to incorporate punctuation, capitalization and special characters (@,#,$,%,...).


  • This code is simple, but it takes a while to get good at reading coded messages "on sight" and quickly.

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