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Wikinews is a web-based news source wiki that anybody can edit, similar to Wikipedia. There, you'll see news articles that are written like articles you would see in a newspaper or reported on television news. If you're interested in journalism, it's a great place to start. This article will teach you how to write a news article on Wikinews.


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    Find a news piece that you're interested in. Your news piece should be something that is relevant and factual, and will appeal to a large group of people. Read Wikinews' content guide for information on what is expected.
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    Do research on your story. When writing an article, you'll be expected to source claims. Find published articles from reputable sources such as The New York Times and The Guardian to source your claims.
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    Check to see if your story has already been posted. See this link for a list of the newest articles on the site. If it hasn't already been posted, then you can post it.
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    Go to Wikinews:Writing an article. Read the article to learn how published articles should be formatted and what is expected in articles.
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    Go to the "Starting out" section, and in the box, write the title of the article you want to publish. Be sure that you follow Wikinews' style guide. Click on "Create page" once you have your title.
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    Write your article. Delete the "Delete this line, and start typing your article in its place" part, and write your story there. Start off with a paragraph that summarizes the content of your article, explaining who is the person/people in the story, what the story is about, where the story is taking place. when it took place, why it took place, and how it is taking place. Don't make it too long - it should be around 1-3 sentences. Then, use the rest of the paragraphs to explain the story in more detail. Be sure to write in a "news" style; that is, the style you would see news reported in the newspaper or online news websites.
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    Insert your sources. You need to have the link, title, author, publisher, and date for each source you use.
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    Unless you want to develop your article more after adding it, replace the {{develop}} template with the {{Review}} template.
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    Preview your article for errors by clicking "Show preview" below the editing space.
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    Click on "Save page" to add your article.
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    Before your article is published, it has to be reviewed. Your article will be reviewed for copyright, newsworthiness, verifiability, neutrality, and style. If your article is ready to be published based on these points, it will be published. If not, the points that the article has an issue with will be marked as "not ready," and the reviewer will leave comments about how you can improve the article. Should the article not be ready, read the comments that the reviewer left, and improve your article based on these comments before putting it up for review again.


  • You're not required to register to publish articles, but if you want your articles to be posted under something other than your IP address and become a reviewer, you'll have to register.
  • Just like newspapers are balanced when reporting news, you want to be balanced as well. Don't show bias in your work.
  • Don't make your article too long. Stick to having between 30 and 80 words per paragraph.
  • Use quotes in your story. This will give your story a human aspect and make it more interesting.
  • Don't sign your articles. Anyone can edit an article, so it's unnecessary and discouraged to sign articles as being written by you.
  • Make your headline short, to the point, and specific.
  • Make your first paragraph interesting. It's the first thing users will read, so make sure it's not boring. Don't make your first paragraph just a list of facts.


  • Don't use your own speculation about the story. Use only speculation published by other authors, and source it.
  • Don't write unverifiable or fake stories. These kinds of stories will be deleted.
  • Don't plagiarize. Never lift entire paragraphs from other sources and claim them as your own writing, or anything else that would be considered plagiarism.
  • Don't write about local news. Local news stories aren't considered to be notable per Wikinews' notability guidelines.

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