How to Write Airsoft Scenarios

Making a good airsoft scenario is an art. Its also a lot of trying and failing. And rewarding when you succeed. You will also most properly end up as game-master. This article will concentrate on MilSim scenarios, but some points can be used in CTF like games. The guide is for +20 players.


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    Get to know the game area. Most common mistake writing scenarios is sitting behind the computer. You will have to know the terrain. Minimum get a map or make one. Then go reckoning the area, making notes like "this is a good place for a base" etc. The game area is the most important factor to how you build your scenario and/or gameplay!
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    Know your statistics: How many players. Vehicles? Equipment. Dummies like rockets, Sams, mortars etc. Radio communications. The length of the game.
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    Construct a history. Here you can use your fantasy. This should be a background story of the conflicting states, why they are in conflict and what is going to happen.
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    Make up the rules for the game. Medic rules, spawn rules, hit rules, ammo rules, "explosive" rules etc.
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    Do a lot of thinking about how to balance the game. Not fun if one part is wiped out in a short time. What is the main goal/ goals for each side.This is also a good time to place the players on the map. Starting point, re-spawns, positions, roadblocks, HQ borders, no-play area, parking etc. .
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    Create missions. Make many of them, not all will be needed. Missions can be defending, observation, patrolling, blowing things up, terrorist attacks, VIP escort etc. These missions you can test beforehand because they are fun to play in small skirmishes with your friends or team mates.
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    Assign roles. This will be the actual organization of each side. Commanding officers, chain off command. VIPs. Civilians. Special units, medics, engineers, political leaders etc.
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    Organize the game. Make a website or group on Facebook or similar where you beforehand post rules, scenario, maps and other useful information. On site do a brief for everyone about the game. The brief should contain:
    • (1) Security. You should always use a chrono to decide the players softgun fps, and have rules for it. (Example: 350 fps, full auto, 1 meter security distance.) Inform about the hit rules. To always wear eye protection, no mags in AEG in the safe zone, use of a dead rag, size and borders of the game area etc.
    • (2) Game specific rules. Spawn and medic rules. Specify rules like VIPs, role-play, use of dummies, radio channels, where to spawn and how long etc.
    • (3) The Scenario. Story and missions (these you may need to provide to each party individually.


  • If it is a large game, 150+ you WILL need a commander on each sides. They will brief their troops by instructions written by you and handed out. Good luck :)
  • If possible find a map service on Internet that have height lines of the terrain.
  • Some people like role play. Implement them into your game as leading figures, VIPs, civilians etc.
  • If not the above, so minimum draw a map by hand, and copy it for the players.
  • You will find a lot of Airsoft rules on the net.
  • Use something like Google maps to get a satellite photo of the are. Use printscreen at paste it into a graphics editor like paint shop.
  • -If needed supplement the map manually. This can be track not showing on the sat photo.
  • And use your imagination. Remember to get help making these, and concentrate on the scenario.


  • You can use historical or current conflicts to build the scenario. But do not use real names. Use names as Blueland, Redland, Faristan, Southland, Northland etc.
  • Always measure the players fps with a chrono.

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