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wikiHow is not intended to be a site to advertise products or services. Articles about how to use well-known and established products or websites that provide detailed and insightful instructions for the purpose of education, not promotion, may be acceptable. This guide explains how to properly write an article about a commercial product, service, or website without being subject to deletion for violating our brand name policy or external links guidelines.


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    Focus on helping readers. Readers are here for neutral and helpful advice, and promotional how-to pages don't tend to fall in that realm. Similarly, wikiHow's volunteer editors are here for a range of reasons, including enjoyment, and their focus is on making wikiHow a better resource. Because of the mission, articles with a strong commercial or promotional focus are just much less likely to be approved/promoted on wikiHow than non-commercial ones.
    • If you're eager to help readers and get an article reviewed quickly, consider writing about other topics, outside of the commercial realm.
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    Realize that not all commercial articles will be promoted. Topics that come off promotional rather than neutral and helpful are unlikely to be approved for full publishing, and there is no obligation for other editors to work on them or help get them approved. You can still share commercial topics that you write with others, if you'd like, by sending them the direct link; all they have to do is hit "Ok, close" to read the advice you've written up, even if the piece has not been promoted.
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    Write a complete article. Generally, the reader should be able to complete the task outlined in the title without having to leave wikiHow.
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    Keep it neutral. Don't tell the reader why a given product, service, or website is superior. Simply describe the basic steps that clearly explain how to use it. Don't overuse the name of the product or post links to external advertisements.
    • Note that just telling someone to come to a particular site and giving them basic and obvious instructions is not considered useful to our readers (e.g. Type into your browser, click on "Articles" and read the articles). Try to think of a task a reader might carry out on the website that they wouldn't already know how to do. Examples of articles that do this properly are How to Use Google Multiple Sign In and How to Block a Bidder from Your eBay Auction.
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    Follow our brand name guidelines. If the article isn't about a specific brand, get rid of brand names anywhere that they can be replaced with no loss of meaning or helpfulness to readers. For example, in an article about "How to Appreciate Shakespeare's Macbeth" a reference to "Buy Macbeth at" should be changed to "Buy Macbeth at a bookstore."
    • Do not hide recommendations for a commercial product in a generic title. For example don't title your article "How to Use an MP3 Player" when you write predominantly about iPods. Instead title the article "How to Use an iPod". If the article requires the use of a specific brand, the brand name should be included in the title of the article.
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    Follow our external links guidelines to avoid getting your account blocked and your URL put on the spam blacklist:
    • You cannot add a link unless you created or significantly improved the article. "Drive by" links are deleted as spam.
    • Links can only placed in your articles to reference source materials used when researching the article or for verifying a fact within the article. See How to Use Research Sources on wikiHow for more details.
    • Place any links in the "Sources and Citations" section at the bottom of the page. Avoid placing external links in the text of the article. This sticks out like a sore thumb to volunteer editors looking to delete spam.
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    Don't add images unless you took them yourself or obtained explicit permission to put them on wikiHow. Images you find on the Internet (e.g. Google images) are not okay to upload. See How to Import Freely Licensed Images Into wikiHow.
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    Don't create multiple pages about the same topic, product or service. The purpose of posting to wikiHow is to provide helpful and usable information, not self-promotion.
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    Promote your product, service, or website on your user page. These recommendations don't apply to your user page. When you write helpful pages on wikiHow, people will trust you more and visit your user page to learn more about you.
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    Understand that you are contributing to a wiki. Volunteer editors at wikiHow are interested in creating a helpful, comprehensive how-to manual. By registering for an account and interacting with other editors, you can build trust that you are trying to build a helpful how-to manual and not just trying to spam wikiHow.


  • Don't go around wikiHow pointing links to your article in the Related wikiHows section. This practice know as "Wiki-jacking" stands out to our editors and may result in your article being deleted.


  • Volunteer wikiHow editors have a low tolerance for being spammed. We welcome good faith additions on commercial content to our how-to manual. That said, if you violate the guidelines presented above the consequences could include:

    • An editor deleting your article.
    • An editor deleting all edits and articles you have added to wikiHow.
    • Having your domain and brand name being placed on our spam blacklist. This will prevent your brand name and domain from appearing in wikiHow and the other wikis that share our blacklist.

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