How to Write a Technical Resume

With resumes, one size does not fit all. A technical resume is a very specialized resume that shows a potential employer that you have the right skills and knowledge for a specific technical position. Knowing how to write a technical resume should cover your credentials and grab the attention of the reader.


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    Make your name and contact information easy to find at the top of your resume.
    • Include your address, phone number (one that you're most likely to be reached at; for many, this is a cell phone), and e-mail address.
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    Create a career objective for technical resume writing.
    • What do you aspire to or what role do you want to play in a company or organization?
    • Keep this professional objective clear and concise.
    • If you can tie previous accomplishments or skills to a potential job, so much the better.
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    Highlight applicable qualifications, whether it's technical writing, programming, research or networking.
    • Use these qualifications as subheadings in your technical resume, following with more specific details about a specific qualification.
    • If you've listed programming as one of your qualifications, list what types. Java? MySQL?
    • How did you use this programming expertise in a previous job?
    • Subheadings are another way of grabbing an employer's interest in your abilities in a resume.
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    List technical qualifications in which you have actual experience.
    • With the rapid growth of technology, it's imperative that you're honest.
    • If you don't have direct experience with a specific technical skill, but you believe that your training is applicable, then include information about your training and how it applies to the technical position.
    • Think of keywords used in the technical industry and make certain you include those that are applicable to your qualifications and the position you are seeking.
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    Discuss your employment history, starting with your most recent job.
    • Provide a job title and a concise summary of your job responsibilities and achievements.
    • Include the company name and contact information.
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    Write a resume that includes education and technical training. While degrees and honors are important, some employers hiring for technical positions are more interested in the training and experience with the specific technologies.
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    • Specific technical skills.
    • Special seminars or training about new technologies that may apply to the position.
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    Note any special honors or competitions in a technical resume.
    • Memberships in professional or honorary organizations are likely to impress a potential employer.
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    Name two or three references in case a potential employer wants to get a sense of the type of person you are by talking to others.
    • These can be past employers, teachers or people you've met through volunteer work.


  • Make certain your technical resume can be understood by a non-technical person. In larger companies, human resources may be the first step in getting your resume to the IT department.
  • If you're just out of school and don't have much in the way of experience, make certain you include any internships or volunteer positions that required the use of technical skills.
  • Be aware of important keywords to use in your resume. Employers for technical positions are more likely to search resumes online or even scan resumes into a database. Then, when a position that requires a certain skill arises, recruiters or employers can do keyword searches for the skills needed.
  • For printed technical resumes, use quality neutral-colored paper.

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