How to Write a Plant Card in

If you have just joined, you may not know how to add a card. Here is a simple 8 step guide to how you do it.


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    Be sure that you are logged in. You can't add a card if you aren't logged in.
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    Type the plant that you are searching for in the search box. Search putting Plant: before the name, e.g. Plant:Example
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    Check out the results. Here, there are no results, so you have the option to make a plant card.
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    Your new card will look like this and now you can start editing.
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    To find the template to copy search for Plant:Template.
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    Copy and paste the code into your plant card that you are creating.
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    Write in your text after the = sign. If you have an image that can be used, upload it to the site for use in your card.
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    Hurrah! Your card is done!

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