How to Write a Geography Paper

Writing a geography paper can sometimes be a challenge. Read this article to find out how to easily write a geography paper.


  1. 1
    Choose your topic. Make it as specific as possible. For example, "The Mississippi River" is more specific than just "Rivers".
  2. 2
    Do your research. Go to your local library, look online, anything to help you gather information about your topic. Collect this information on a graphic organizer.
  3. 3
    Write your introduction. The introduction should be simple, and state your topic. Try to avoid using "I" statements, especially on a research paper.
  4. 4
    Write your body. The body of your essay should have the info you gathered, put into your own words. If you do happen to use the info as it was though, to avoid plagiarism, make sure that you cite your sources.
  5. 5
    Write the conclusion for your paper. The conclusion should sum up all of the main points of your paper.
  6. 6
    Revise your paper. You can always make any piece of writing better. See where you can add more info, check that your spelling and grammar are good, etc.
  7. 7
    Hand in your paper to your geography teacher when it is due.


  • Revise your paper more than once. This way, you can see mistakes that you may have missed in the last revision.
  • Type your paper if you are allowed to. This way, you can easily research more info as well as easily spellcheck your paper.


  • Make sure that you know your teacher's guidelines for the paper. When you write, try to have a list of the guidelines in front of you. If you weren't given a sheet, then take notes on a sheet of paper when he gives the guidelines so you can have them as a reference. If you don't know the guidelines, you might risk getting an "F".

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