How to Write a Finance Paper

Financial papers and dissertations are no longer simply about calculating your formulas. They now must demonstrate extraordinary writing skills with a well-structured foundation including thorough research, excellent grammar, and proper formatting. Because each new step is dependent on its previous step's calculations, this all combines to an exceedingly complicated progression. Financial dissertations are considered the most difficult to write because, although they involve narrow topics, the research is excruciatingly extensive.


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    Brainstorm numerous financial topics you can suggest to be the theme of your paper. Because the topic choice is so difficult, be sure to choose something narrow enough that your research is limited, but general enough that it can be proven in a practical manner. Most financial topics for papers and dissertations undergo multiple expansions and contractions before settling on the specific subject width.
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    Present several of your finest suggested topics to your professor for further evaluation, discussion, and assessment. This will lead you to compose a topic statement for the most favored subject choice.
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    Explicate the fundamental nature of your topic with an illustrative topic statement that envelops the entirety of your financial dissertation and embodies what you will achieve through your paper.
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    Submit a written finance dissertation proposal. This will include your desired topic as well as an elucidation of the research you will be doing in order to prove the veracity of your chosen focus. In your dissertation proposal, you must also demonstrate that you are qualified enough to carry out the research on the dissertation you are proposing.
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    Create an outline for your dissertation. This will aid you immensely when it comes to the organization of the paper and save you a colossal amount of time lost due to frustration. Your outline should include the following sections, each set as their own mini paper:
    • Introduction
    • Literary Review
    • Methodology
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Each of these sections, or mini papers, in the outline should have its own introduction, body, and conclusion upon which you will elaborate on extensively in the financial paper itself.
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    Write your first draft of the financial paper, only once your proposal has been accepted and your outline is well thought out and completed organized in the same fashion your paper will be.
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    Have your first draft read over by peers, writing center editors or professional research paper editors, and professors.
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    Make corrections to your draft according to the feedback and critique of the people who have read and edited your material.
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    Repeat the previous 3 steps until you have come to a final draft of your financial paper.


  • Consult your outline often to make sure you are following the correct guidelines and help avoid numerous revisions.
  • Keep the reader up to speed with you throughout the paper and reiterate key points that demonstrate the focus of your dissertation. Guide the audience with leading points and be sure to explain non-common sense information.


  • Financial dissertations typically must undergo a number of adjustments before being accepted by professors and professionals alike, so be prepared to recalculate and reformulate the paper many times.

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