How to Write a Deathcore Song

Hi there, in this article I'll tell you how to write a deathcore song. You must be really into the deathcore scene and have some musical theory. And remember, you cannot write a great song from one day to another. It needs a lot of practice, attempts and trial-and-error probes.


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    Analyze some deathcore songs, for example Whitechapel, JFAC (old), Chelsea Grin. Note how it's structured, how are the transitions etc.
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    Start with structuring your song. A structure of a deathcore song is usually: Intro Riff, Riff A, Riff B, Chorus, Riff C, Riff D, Chorus, Breakdown, Build Up, Riff E, Riff F, Chorus, Outro Riff. Don't be afraid of making it other. It is even recommended. Stay original.
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    Pick your guitar or simply run Guitar Pro and create some riffs. Look into the Tips Section of this tutorial. If you can't create anything, don't force you to. Just wait until you get some inspiration.
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    Now when you have a raw song, try some variations, like playing a riff an octave higher, stopping the riff and slowing it down etc. Use pinch harmonics, add fill-ins, use various cymbals. Just things like that. If a song have much such variations it's automatically much more interesting.
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    Now it's the time for a breakdown. Don't make stuff like "BOOM ... (20 seconds later) .. tssss .. " etc. because it isn't brutal. Keep your breakdown brutal, but which is more important it must be groovy as hell. Don't be afraid of making it a bit melodic.
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    Write lyrics for the song. They can be about anything, but stay serious and don't make lyrics about toast bread. It's not cool. The lyrics have to fit into the song. Try making one verse low-growled and an another high-screamed. Wisely used that will make you lyrics fit better in your song.
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    You're done! Go practice your song with your band, record it or whatever.


  • The Bass Drum can just follow a riff, make use of it in more 'calmed' sections of your song.
  • Use tremolo picking, it's a very important thing in deathcore
  • Never try to write generic stuff because you think you are not able to make something awesome. Always try to make something new.
  • Remember of palm muting, it's an important thing too.
  • Use blast beats and fast double bass passages.
  • A guitar solo is a great thing. Most of deathcore songs don't have a solo, so you have a chance to show that your music is better than that whole generic stuff.
  • Try clean guitar interludes after a brutal breakdown or a really fast riff. Once again, it will make your song more interesting.
  • Stay original. If you want make a song more happy (like Veil of Maya) than 'dark' (like Chelsea Grin) do this. If you want to make something different, do this. Originality is golden. Never be generic, that's what everybody hates in deathcore music.
  • Search for some 'dark sounding' scales. Base your riffs on them, but don't stay too stick to a scale. Don't be afraid of changing some notes.
  • Tune your axe low. At least in Drop C. You can also try Std. Tuning Down 1, 2 or more steps. If you like this tuning more than Drop tunings just use it.
  • Don't stay stick to bars in your notation. Try tie notes. Staying stick to bars limits you.
  • Try changing time signatures. A song is much more interesting if there are some catchy time signatures. Songs written fully in 4/4 are just boring.


  • Staying generic only makes people hate your music.

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