How to Write a Customer Case Study

A customer case study details an example of how your company handled the product or service needs of a particular client. Client case studies are often published on your business' website as customer testimonials. Being able to write a genuine, accurate and persuasive customer case study is a skill that is invaluable to many public relations and communications departments in nearly every industry. Here's how to write a customer case study showcasing your company's expertise.


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    Gather the case study details of a particularly successful client or customer experience.
    • Focus especially on the quantifiable details of the results, such as a monetary value--an increase in sales or decrease in past due receivables--a reduction in turnover or a webpage click through rate.
    • Most customers will prefer that you provide numerical data in percentage format in order to keep the case study details of their operations, including sales, profit and expenses, private.
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    Select the most striking accomplishment for your written case study's headline.
    • Keep your headline punchy, without any jargon.
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    Support the headline in your customer testimonial with a sub-headline that gives another 2 or 3 details about the product or service provided to your customer.
    • Your headline and sub-headline should make a reader and prospective customer ask himself, "how?" This will provide his motivation to read on.
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    Create subheads for each of the case study details in your subheading.
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    Provide in-depth information on how your company was able to accomplish the results for your customer.
    • This is where you will be answering that "how" question you have encouraged your reader to ask.
    • Use strong action verbs and an active voice in your customer testimonial. A passive voice in your writing will present the illusion that these outcomes just happened by themselves without your company's input.
    • Your details should present the problem encountered, any constraints that were placed upon your company and what the results were.
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    Conclude your written case study with a quote from your customer, a member of your own company wh​o figured prominently in the case or both.
    • Keep these quotes short and to the point, but be sure to quote all individuals accurately. You don't want the customer in question to read your case study details and think, "I didn't say that."


  • Most of those who visit your website or read your company's literature will be skimming the content rather than thoroughly reading it. Ask a coworker to read your final draft. You need to rework it if he or she can't determine the gist of your story by skimming.


  • Use of industry-specific jargon or buzzwords will turn off most potential clients. The case study details are wasted on them if they can't understand what you are saying.

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