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If you've ever found yourself veering off from a blog once the Christmas season has begun, a Christmas blog may just be the right idea to use to add spice to your blog during the season. Not only that, but if you have one solely for that, you can even add to it to make it come alive during the remainder of the year. This article will tell you how to write one.


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    Set up a blogging service page that is solely for promoting Christmas-themed postings. You can use almost any blogging service there is on the web. Whether this is livejournal, Blogger, WordPress or something similar, they can all be used to get your ideas out to the public.
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    Design the blog for the blog's colors and background.
    • Set up a background that shows the nature of the blog. This can display any Christmas-related images, from snow to Christmas trees.
    • Use the two colors that are most noted to be Christmas colors to write your blog postings(if the page allows this). These "Christmas colors" include red and green.
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    Use simple topics to talk about at first. You can write about stocking stuffer ideas, recipes, Christmas songs/poems, and some Christmas shows you enjoy watching. Review Christmas-inspired movies you've watched either in-theater or outside of the theater. Especially for recipes, take some pictures of the item and post the final item on the blog posting (if the blog allows such items to be posted).
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    Venture out into other topics, as the ideas for these simple topics begin to decrease in intensity/amount. Talk about times when you've had to try to keep Christ in yourself during Christmastime, or you can describe some experiences with cheap Christmas gifts, or mention putting up decorations either at your home or at a relative's house. You can also talk about your favorite version of the Santa tracker and why you pick one over the other (include any experiences you've had that you wouldn't think anyone else has had and what brought you to begin using that page), along with adding some information about Christmas crafts for the kids who visit your blog too.
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    Talk about Christmas-inspired shows you watch on TV and try to review those shows and movies.
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    Don't stop once you get started. Because Christmas traditions roll themselves from one year into the next, there's no reason to stop after the Christmas spirit runs out for most people that year. Roll yourself over right back into the next year's postings and continue posting more items of the Christmas spirit.
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    Research and post about the history of Christmas and what it means to you and your family. This can be especially interesting if you have or have had a less conventional Christmas, perhaps in a hot climate.
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    Describe some personal experiences you had growing up with personal gifts at Christmas. Explain some of the best and worst gifts you've received. Mention other gifts you wished you wouldn't have ever wanted to receive but received them anyway and why you feel those choices were made for you. Explain the basis behind these ideas.
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    Submit links to several YouTube videos that have something to do with Christmas. Use the Share button on the YouTube page with the video, to post the video directly to the service.
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    Post interesting links to Christmas-inspired traditions or pages denoting Christmas ideas. Even if the page is something about the history of Christmas (approving or disapproving of classical literature), it's bound to be on some bloggers blogs. Give the blog reader your vantage point after you've read the page in it's entirety.
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    Think about worldwide Christmas traditions and write about which you'd like to try or not try to elaborate on the ideas you find. Some countries celebrate Christmas differently than Americans do. Whether it's opening gifts solely on Christmas Eve or opening smaller gifts on each day of the month of December, give the reader some worldwide attention to the Christmas spirit too.
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    Comment on your favorite Christmas tunes — either classic tunes or not — and tell the world why you like each tune. Research each song's lyrics and see if these tunes have something good that the world can learn from.


  • Watch a page on Pinterest that is devoted to Christmas. Watch some users who routinely post about Christmas ideas and see what else you can use for your blog and submit some of the links to the blog in relation to these ideas.
  • Use your own free blogging software such as Windows Live Writer (part of the Windows Live Essentials pack). There are other ones out there, but most don't feature as many other helpful features as Windows Live Writer. You can set up, write and publish posts to your blogs as your mind comes into writing them.
  • Search Twitter's massive index for the search term #christmasblog. You might find other ideas that haven't been written on your blog yet, but which had been commented on Twitter about (in 140 characters or less). Routinely check for new updates and message notifications to see what other ideas arise from this blog.
  • Routinely check to answer the comments posed from your readers based on the postings you write to your blog. Either set up an email notification from the service to be sent to your email, or routinely go back into the website the service is with and check each posting you have from the first date of service forward. Make sure to watch any posting that is of higher-volume to ensure nothing bad is ever said about an idea you had on your blog postings.
  • Include a post to your blog about your favorite and least favorites ways you've decorated your Christmas trees in the past. You can also include your favorite and least favorite Christmas decoration you decorate your Christmas tree with in your blog.
  • If there's any specific stores you like to shop at for Christmas presents(every year), display that information in your blog posts.
  • Anything funny happen to you in a store during one of your shopping trips for Christmas gifts? Post on your blog about it.
  • Discuss the earliest date you've ever shopped for gifts, and if you've ever shopped last minute, tell how far off from unwrapping it was when you purchased the item within a blog post. Explain what store brand you found the item in.

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