How to Write a Black Metal Song

So, you are in a Black Metal band, but you don't know what to write about? Well, read along and maybe it will help.


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    Take inspiration from some of the greatest Black Metal bands around like IMMORTAL, Burzum, DarkThrone, Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Emperor, Marduk, etc. you can even look back on some of the bands that got most of it all started like Venom, Bathory, Slayer, and Black Sabbath. Don't be one of those dumb cover bands! Yes, it's really fun to play music from your favorite bands BUT it's better to make up your own music!
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    Go somewhere for creative inspiration. Take long walks in the forest. If you don't live near a forest find another place that could give you inspiration. Write about the cold grim winters (like IMMORTAL). Write about hatred, say like when you are really really mad, you probably get some crazy thoughts in your head (carry a notepad and pen so you can write your ideas before you forget them.) Write about religion. Write about anything that have to do with dark and brutal stuff (not death metal stuff).
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    Create names and stick them right in the lyrics with something that it would go good with (IMMORTAL has a land that they call Blashyrkh in a lot of their songs that have to do with Winter and Grim.)
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    Make up a stage name for yourself and your band mates! Examples of names used by other Black Metal bands are names such as Shagrath, Silenoz, Necrobutcher, Dead, Ihsahn, Samoth, Gaahl, Infernus, Mortuus, Hellhammer, etc. Be creative and create your own.
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    The guitar riffs should be relatively fast and simple. Use lots of tremolo picking (playing the same note very fast to make it sound constant).
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    Some black metal has excellent bass lines. Burzum has very prominent bass. Also look at Mayhem's Life Eternal, Xasthur's Screaming at Forgotten Fears, and early Gorgoroth for inspiration if you are a bass player.
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    The drums can be really fast and usually include lots of blast-beating. A good drummer is VERY important to black metal, and is sometimes the creative force behind the band, as you can see in Darkthrone with Fenriz.
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    The vocals should be harsh, but they should be higher pitched then death metal growls. It is alright to use some clean vocals occasionally as well.


  • When writing the songs instrumental parameter, try to use more minor chords than major. Major chords are usually more 'happy' sounding than minor chords.
  • Carry a notepad and pen at all times. It can be a composition book or one of those tiny notepads, whatever you're comfortable with.
  • Look up some of the lyrics you write on the computer just to make sure some other band out there hasn't written the same thing.
  • Make sure you are serious about this!
  • Try not to take lyrics from other Black Metal bands songs,come up with your own.
  • Not all black metal is or has to be technical, even if it sounds so.


  • Yes, people may judge you but don't let it get to you ... they're just mad cause you're trying to do something with your life and they aren't.
  • If you are in a Black Metal band for the money then I'd stop right there!
  • Dress like you're serious about it! Think black, spikes, and war paint! You might get inspiration from dressing up like it.
  • Black Metal is seen as an underground form of music.

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