How to Wrap a Hockey Blade

Wrapping or taping a hockey blade is required in order to properly play ice hockey. Taping a hockey blade is a precise skill and often a ritual practiced by ice hockey players. Though each individual may have their own method, this wikihow covers the generic best practice to "tape a hockey stick."


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    Gather the materials. You will need a hockey stick and attached blade (left, right, or goalie stick), cloth tape, scissors or a knife, wax or an old candle.
    • White tape blends in with the ice better. Most defenders use white tape because it makes it more difficult for the opposition to see their stick when they move in on the defender. Most fore wards use black tape because it hides the puck better, and the goalie can't see it as well. Black tape is better for someone who handles the puck a lot because it contrasts with the ice so they can use their peripheral vision while stick handling.
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    Tape the blade. Your own style will depend upon personal preference. Tape the bottom of the blade by starting towards the heel or base of the blade. Slowly work your way outwards.
    • Choose whether or not to start at the heel or toe. Starting at the heel provides better grip for stick handling, and puts more spin on the puck for a more accurate shot, and the puck will stay flatter wile in the air. Starting at the toe provides a faster release of the puck. If you are a fore ward use black tape and go heel to toe. If you are a center to the same put tape over the toe. Defense: toe to heel and white tape over the toe to protect your blade while digging in the corners.
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    Smooth tape with hockey puck. Start from toe and press towards heel. Rub the puck along the new tape job. The friction makes the tape bond better with the blade. This makes the tape much smoother on the blade.
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    Apply wax. You will take wax (an old candle works well) and rub only on the bottom of the blade. This prevents the tape from deteriorating from the friction of the blade on ice. This must be done every game to prevent the tape from wearing off.


  • Use a puck to flatten down the tape so it stick better.
  • The color of the tape often depends upon the individual. Some people like black cloth tape because they feel it better hides the puck when stick-handling.
  • All stick taping is based on your preference. Don't tape your stick a way you don't like just because you are a fore ward or defender. This is just a starting point for people who don't know which way they can be most beneficial for them.
  • Make sure your ice-rink allows the use of wax.
  • Wax makes the tape last longer and provides better grip, but also provides a slower shot.

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