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You may already know how to wrap a present, but it gets a little trickier when you're dealing with a larger box. If you've ever tried to wrap a gift only to find that the end flaps don't adequately cover the box underneath, leaving a little peephole to the gift, these instructions are for you.


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    Measure the paper - Ensure that you have secured anything fragile inside your box and turn the box upside down. Measure enough paper to go around the box lengthwise. Leave a little extra to create a neat edge.
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    Measure the ends - Make sure there is slightly more than half the depth of the box at each end.
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    Wrap lengthwise - Bring the paper so that it wraps around the box lengthwise, leaving an equal amount of paper at each end. Before taping the edges together, fold one down slightly and have that one overlap the other so that a torn or cut edge does not show.
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    Fold the end - At one end of the box, fold the paper down. Be careful not to move the box within the paper as you're doing this.
    • Stick one side down with double sided tape first, making sure that the paper lies flat.
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    • Then tape down the other side.
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    • Fold the bottom flap to a point and fold upwards to meet the centre. Seal with double sided tape.
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    Repeat - Repeat this at the other end of the box, folding the paper down, the sides and the bottom up. Then secure with tape. Tie a bow around it if you wish.
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  • Using double-sided tape allows the gift to be wrapped without the tape being seen on the outside. You can use single-sided tape if you don't mind it showing on the edges.
  • You can also slightly pinch all the edges of the package to give it a nice crisp, clean look - very professional.
  • If all you have is single-sided tape, make a loop from a small piece of tape with the sticky side out. Now you have improvised double-stick tape. The wrapping is not as tight as it is when using real double-stick tape, but the tape remains hidden.

Things You'll Need

  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Box with a square end
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Double sided adhesive tape

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