How to Work out Without Weights

Need to get in shape? Maybe you're just tired of paying for that gym membership. Here are some different type of exercises you can do, all of which do not require weights.


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    Do pull-ups. Pull-ups are a great way to build back strength. You just need a bar that is high enough. Alternate between close grip pull-ups (biceps) and wide grip pull-ups. (lats) Add an easy set of flyes or rows for high repetitions and a low weight such as a 12 oz bottle of cola, but omit this if you have swimming in your routine.
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    Do crunches. Crunches strengthen your abs. Find a friend to hold your feet, or stick your feet under your couch and do them. Alternatively, crunches are safer and more effective, but can be harder to do correctly.
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    Do push-ups. Push-ups help build your chest muscles.
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    Run or jog. Running and jogging are great for your breathing, leg muscles, and arm muscles, and builds density in the lower bones. You will get in much better shape from running or jogging as well, if you are working out to lose weight. If you have trouble with pain in the side try breathing out when your left foot hits the ground.
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    Swim. Swimming is great because water supports any weight and you can do a lot of exercise without becoming too warm.
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    Walk. While it may not seem like much, walking can do wonders for your body. It's a very good place to start if you are starting a workout routine.
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    Use a medicine ball. Using a medicine ball can have many of the same benefits as lifting weights. Try one out. Consider this your lower back exercise. Use in place of a medicine ball a cloth sack, tote bag or backpack filled with household items.
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    Dance to music. Just turn on the radio or stereo and start dancing. Or use your iPod/mp3 player. It doesn't have to be good dancing, just get your heart pumping!
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    Do anything else that gets your heart pumping faster or you sweating. Anything that does either of these is working out.Also try to do wall pushups and lots of resistance training, which is use another person to push on your arms as you are trying to push them up or pull them over your head or push on your legs as you put them up. There are also leg lifts which you hold on to the persons legs and lift your feet and have the person shove them down. Make it so that your feet don't hit the ground. Do them in the direction of left, right, forward 15 reps each. This really helps with the bottom half of your six pack.


  • When you do sit-ups, you might need to put a pillow under you if your tailbone hurts when you do them.
  • The first few times you work out, you can gauge your strengths and weaknesses by seeing how many push ups, crunches, chin ups, timed miles, or timed swimming laps. Then set goals and work towards them to increase strength and overall fitness.
  • Running and dancing makes you healthier.
  • There are many other types of ab exercises besides sit-ups. Find a couple that you like best and do them.
  • There is nothing detrimental to lifting weights, if you do lift weights make sure you're not using too much weight, are using proper form and are doing a balanced program.
  • You can do chin-ups, or a flex-arm hang instead of pull-ups if you want
  • Local YMCA's usually have gyms for their members, along with pools and sport areas. Ask around.
  • Talk to a fitness instructor at a gym.
  • Get a gym membership, it is usually a lot cheaper than getting the equipment to work out, but call around for fees.
  • To make it even more fun put some music to it. You could even work to the beat!
  • Start day 1 with little workout and gradually increase it as days progress because doing a lot on first day will cause muscle pain and you won't be able to continue.


  • Remember that while exercising your muscles will get sore and the soreness just means it is working.
  • If you are starting to work out, make sure you have learned the form correctly because if not, exercise can cause injury.
  • If this pain continues seek medical help and stop doing any exercises that effect the area.
  • You can work hard, but if you feel any pain while working out discontinue the exercise.

Things You'll Need

  • Use whichever ones apply to you:
  • Bar to do pull-ups
  • Friend or couch for situps
  • Pillow or yoga mat (if you need it for sit-ups)
  • Good running shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Area to swim, walk, or run
  • Medicine ball
  • light clothes

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