How to Work out Like a Model

Models work out fiercely, but that's not realistic, is it? Tone it down, but keep all the burn you can get!


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    Rise and shine, Sally Sunshine! Stretch out. Sitting on your bed, stretch one leg straight out to the side. Touch your toes and hold for 10 seconds. Let go slowly and breathe. Repeat for the other leg. Put one knee on your bed, and stretch your other leg out behind you. Raise your arms and reach even higher than you know you can. Hold for 30 seconds. Let go and breathe. Repeat for other leg. Stand up, and stretch out your biceps, and then go into a backbend or bridge (if you can do so safely!) Get up slowly, and breathe.
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    Start with slow cardio build-up. Do 5 easy push ups, and then breathe. Go into a slow set of sit ups, about 10, maybe. Breathe. Do 15 easy crunches, and then breathe for 5 seconds. If you’re feeling energized, do 10 more sit ups, and 5 more crunches. If not, it’s fine!
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    Move all your muscles. Do about 5 minutes of crazy dancing, and then breathe. Stretch out again, and then go into another bridge/backbend. This time, when coming up, tighten your abdominal muscles, and hold your breath. Then stretch your arms out in a T, and breathe in slowly.
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    Take a long, cool drink. Imagine waterfalls, in a cascade of tropical music, with passionflowers and birds and nectar sweetly falling. Picture a cool Vermont lake or river, with the sunrise illuminating it’s purity. Now that you’ve had your fill of imaginary water, actually fill up a glass with water and enjoy its perfection.
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    Move your body! Walk around your house very rapidly, or jump up and down for a little bit. Get your muscles pumping once more, and then stop abruptly, and breathe. Then continue, at a slower pace.
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    Once you’re done, wash your face with cool water, brush your teeth and start your day right!
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    Mid-day miracles DO happen! Exercise around noon, too, if you can!
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    Stretch out once again. Center your core, and keep your abs tight while doing so! Breathe as you’re stretching, though!
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    Do as many crunches as you can. Keep your abs tight, and your breathing steady. You’ll know you`re done when you’ve felt “The Burn” for more than a minute. When you finish up, take many deep breaths before you continue.
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    Try some thigh-highs. Stand up straight, and lift your legs up, so that your knee is up at your hips, and your thigh is flat against the air. Do 50 for each leg, if you feel comfortable once you start. Once you’re finished, breathe in deeply, and then stretch to take out some of the tension in your muscles.
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    Let your body move freely. Try some mock ballet moves. Move your legs gracefully, and envision your arm as water running swiftly across a brook. Move your torso like Britney Spears’ snake. Twirl on your toes, spin tightly, and just get your body moving in a way that you can barely notice the muscle contractions. Keep your abs loose this time, and your legs tight.
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    Jump. Don’t be embarrassed. Just jump up and down in place, keeping your legs springy and your abs super tight! Let your arms go freely, and keep your neck comfortable. Do this for a continuous period, like 5 minutes, maybe. Breathe freely as you jump to keep the stamina up. Jump in a rhythm!
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    Stretch your body out again. Breathe in, and take a long drink of water. Perhaps 2 glasses? Keep yourself hydrated, and properly loose. And remember, always stand up straight!
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    Finish your day with a flourish. Exercising at night renews you for your next session.
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    Stretch, but this time, only do it for a few seconds. Breathe, and then stand up straight.
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    Raise your arms and jump up, with your arms up as if you were diving. Jump 10 times, and then stop, and bring your arms down slowly.
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    Now pretend that you’re swimming and let your body go.Make your abs tight, and your arms and legs loose, and just make as if you’re gliding through pearly clear water. Try a breaststroke, a butterfly, and anything else, but lacking the water.
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    Do 50 crunches. It’s a lot, but you can do it! Just breathe and believe. Keep thinking, “I can do it. Almost there,” the entire time. Once you’re done, stand up, breathe, and let go.
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    Stretch, drink some water, and revel. You’re done! Now wash your face, and brush your teeth. Lie down and relax. You’re done! Just believe in yourself!


  • Always imagine scenic water views as you drink water. It makes it taste better!
  • Always stand up straight.
  • Always breathe.


  • Don't overwork yourself. Always cool down before continuing!

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