How to Work in a Nursing Home

Working in a nursing home takes a special kind of person. To work in a nursing home, you have to be caring and sensitive. You need to have compassion and be empathetic towards others; however, you need to know how to separate yourself from the job. The job is hectic at times and you need to be able to handle it. Nursing homes need exceptional help from all areas to make it a positive place to live.


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    Figure out where you fit in. There are many different types of jobs you can get at a nursing home. There are positions from kitchen staff to administrators. To work as a nurse or as a nurse's aide you must complete classes and receive your license, which would take more time. However, places such as the kitchen or in activities takes no prerequisite training at all.
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    Apply for the desired position. To get any job in a nursing home, you must complete an application and an interview. So put in your application to multiple places and wait for the nursing home to call. Nursing homes are always looking for new help, so you should find a job in no time.
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    Learn the job and learn it well. To be successful in any nursing home, you must know the job. So learn your position, duties, and responsibilities and always have them in mind.
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    Get to know your residents. The people living in that nursing home often have no family visit them. They are lonely and often a warm smile and a simple hello could make their day. Learning their names and their habits makes your job easier and their day better.
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    Love the job. To really enjoy the job at a nursing home and not despise every second you are there, you must love the work. You have to be good at your job and love people. The job is difficult at times, but the residents need you and you have to be compassionate. If you love the job, the job will love you.


  • Don't let the job get to you. The residents are people too with real emotions and they sometimes get angry. They may snap at you, but nine times out of ten it's not you they are mad at. The residents are often upset because they can't do things like they used to, and that upsets them. So don't let them get to you. You have to be able to let things they say go.
  • Expect the unexpected. Even when you think your day can be completely planned out, everything can change in an instant. You need to be able to mold to change and work under pressure.
  • Be kind to people and get to know them well.

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