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The freight division of United Parcel Service (UPS) transports bulk goods and cargo using transportation methods of aircraft, truck, and ship. Within the UPS freight division, there are several career areas or fields you can become employed within; such as physical handling and delivery of the freight, transportation of the freight, sales of UPS freight services to small and large businesses, management of freight operations, and more. To work for the freight division of UPS, you must possess the experience and skills related to the position you are applying for, as there are a variety of UPS Freight positions available. Continue reading to learn how you can apply for a position with UPS Freight and work for UPS.

Method 1
UPS Freight Positions

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    Access the UPS Careers website. At this time, you can only apply for UPS Freight positions online at the UPS website.
    • Go to the UPS website provided to you in the Sources section of this article and select your country from the location drop-down menu.
    • Click on the blue arrow to the right of the drop-down menu to proceed to the UPS Careers website.
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    Search for UPS Freight positions.
    • Click on the "Job Search" link within the toolbar on the UPS website, then point to "Search Jobs by Category."
    • Select "Freight Jobs" from the floating menu that appears, then choose "Freight" from the Category drop-down menu. You may specific your state or province and your city, especially if you do not have plans to relocate for a UPS Freight position.
    • Click on the "Search" button to display the open UPS Freight positions
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    Browse UPS Freight positions.
    • Click on the link of any job title to read and review the job details, job description and summary, job duties, and the qualifications required in order to perform that particular job.
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    Verify that you have the qualifications for a specific UPS Freight position. Because there are a wide variety of career fields in UPS Freight, the qualifications and minimum requirements needed to perform the job duties will vary between each job posted. For example, if you want to drive UPS Freight trucks, you may need prior experience with driving cargo vehicles; whereas if you want a job analyzing UPS Freight sales data, you may need prior experience with reporting and analysis.
    • Review the sections within each job description that lists duties, preferred competencies, and qualifications for each specific job. If you can perform some or all duties, and meet some or all qualifications, UPS Freight may consider you for that particular position.

Method 2
Application Process

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    Create a UPS Jobs profile. To apply for any position on the UPS website, you must create a profile; however, the personal information you enter within your profile can be saved and used to apply for multiple UPS positions.
    • Click on the "Apply to This Position" button at the bottom of the webpage that displays the job details for the UPS Freight job you want to apply for. You will then be taken to a new webpage that lists additional details about the position.
    • Click on "Apply Now," then click on "Create a profile" to begin the application process.
    • If you already have a UPS Jobs profile, enter your email address into the field provided to proceed; otherwise, enter your name, contact information and email address into the fields provided on the form, then click on "Create Profile."
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    Answer informational questions regarding the position. UPS will ask you a variety of questions that will vary depending on the position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying to be a UPS Freight sales manager, you may be asked if you have prior sales experience.
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    Provide information about your educational background. UPS will prompt you for the name of your high school and information about any colleges or schools you have attended.
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    Provide information about your employment background. You will be prompted to enter information about the last 10 years of your employment history; including the names of your employers, job titles, and the length of time you worked at each job.
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    Indicate any office skills you possess. You will be asked to indicate skills you have regarding the use of certain types of office equipment, computers, and software.
    • Place check marks next to each skill you are knowledgeable in.
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    Read, review, and agree to the application agreement. The agreement will disclose information regarding how UPS will handle the personal data you have entered into the application.
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    Upload your resume to the online application. A resume is required to complete the application process.
    • Click on the "Browse" button to select your resume from its stored location on your computer, then click on the "Upload" button. After you have uploaded your application, your resume and information will be submitted to the UPS Freight recruitment office.
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    Wait for a response from UPS Freight. You will be contacted by the UPS recruitment office if they find that you are suitable for the position you applied for; however, if you do not qualify, you may receive an email from UPS stating that the position has been filled.

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