How to Work Basket Stitch on Linen

Basket stitch can be worked on all kinds of fabric projects, on counted threads or on a wide or narrow tracing, with fine or coarse thread, and more or less closely, according to the taste of the needle worker.


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    Insert the needle from right. Pass it under, from 3 to 6 threads of the foundation, according to the material/fabric canvas and thread that you are using.
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    Move downwards from left to right and over, from 6 to 8 threads. Stitch into the fabric canvas again from right to left.
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    Push it under the fabric canvas in an upward direction. Bring it out on the left in the middle of the space left between the last stitch and the top of the second. The dotted line in the close-up picture indicates the course of the stitches.
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  • Fabrics such as linen and thick cotton are suitable for this stitch.

Things You'll Need

  • Appropriate fabric canvas
  • Appropriate thread
  • Needle

Sources and Citations

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