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If you're considering a career at your local Wendy's, here are tips for surviving and succeeding.


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    Clear your schedule. You're most likely to get hired if you can work any time any day; this gives you points with the managers right off the bat. If you can't give all of yourself, try to give as much as possible. Keep in mind that if you are in school, especially if you tend to procrastinate, work may interfere with your studies; don't be afraid to ask for less hours, at least give a week's notice if you are going to be absent.
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    Prepare all documents. This means having an ID (Driver's License or Passport), your Social Security Card, bank account number and other necessary documents to your work orientation. Any other documents needed will be mentioned during the interview.
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    Learn procedures. Know all of them by the book - this means the managers can count on you to be their right hand person and that's who you want to be. Don't be afraid to ask questions during your first few months, just don't ask when a manager is busy.
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    Get to know the managers personally. They are an excellent source of information, and will begin to guide you in the proper direction. Some managers are okay with being friendly, but some may be inclined to be more professional. Respect both and remember that the manager on duty sets the tone for the shift. Don't expect special treatment just because a manager is friendly- they are still your superior, and it is their job to ensure you are doing yours.
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    Starting your first day. Even if you know how to do everything already, allow the manager(s) to show you how it's done. This may be annoying, but you may learn a thing or two you didn't already know before. You will probably start with the fry station. Cook it as you normally would, dump it into the tray, salt it and mix. The 4 sizes used are kids/value, small, medium and large (formerly Biggie). Cook quickly and make sure to not waste fries; remember, if it's not busy, only one batch per tray. The two nugget types are regular and spicy, the size choices are 4.PC, 6 piece and 10-piece, which go in the value, small and medium cartons, respectively.


  • The most useful positions to learn are Drive-Thru Window and Sandwiches, if you learn this within the first month you are certain to impress your managers.
  • Pay close attention to training, always try your best but don't make a big deal about a certain task. Never stress out because nothing will be accomplished from stress.
  • Try doing special favors for the managers, like staying late coming in early earns points with them quickly.
  • If the district manager comes in, do absolutely everything perfectly by the book, even if it's obsolete and unnecessary procedure.
  • Try to avoid wasting food.
  • If closing the dining room, begin cleaning bathroom and dining room quickly; restock everything as soon as possible as some stores may only give you 30 minutes to mop/wipe chairs.
  • If you run out of frosty mix and are not in the position to retrieve more, flip the switch on the top to the left to put it on wash. It will allow more frosty to be dispensed, but be careful! If you forget to switch it back, your mix will turn into liquid.
  • If a new sandwich or salad is promoted, learn the ingredients so that you can tell customers what's on it, or at least know where the card is that can tell you.
  • Don't play the managers- they're not stupid, they will catch on, and they will not be happy. The management team knows more than you think.


  • Drive-Thru comes first, speed. Being under 120 seconds, average to be exact. Always serve the drive-thru first, despite their advertisement of "quality always first" it is actually second, within reason of course.
  • If you are at a register, you CANNOT delete items unless your specific Wendy's has a newer register, pressing void will cause the machine to say "call manager". Make sure to pay close attention to what the customer says so that voids don't need to happen too often.
  • Never let a manager see you steal food.
  • Be careful about what you say and do at the drive-thru, managers can see and hear everything over the intercom.
  • When on a register never steal money - never! Always have perfect cash. If you are over or short two dollars or more, you could potentially be written up

Things You'll Need

  • Your own car or a dedicated ride to work - reliability is key
  • Driver's License or other valid form of ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Bank account information

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