How to Work at Home when You Have Kids

Do you work through Internet from your house? So what? Do you feel like you are someone who is into technology? Do you find your just-done assignment poured in jam ?
Oh yes. This is the truth. Not all workers are “hip” and “trend” via internet. Some of them, while they type words on the keyboard, or they answer urgent e-mails, at the same time they have to get a...fruit-cream ready. You think there is nothing you can do but be patient. Indeed, there are some tips which will make your life and career even better.


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    Wake up early. It is not popular, but it is a solution. If you can wake up at 5:30-6:30 am it is certain that you will have plenty of time for some freedom before the children's programs in the television begin.
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    "Collaborate" with your partner. The collaboration with the other half is always desirable. It constitutes the engagement that is called “marriage”. However, it is not always obvious. Discussing, or even lead to an establishment of special shifts between the two spouses will help.
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    Stay up late. Even if it sounds tough, is the most common method to people who are involved with deadlines. Make a coffee (not very strong), say "Goodnight" to your children and instead of turning on the TV or the DVD player, turn on your computer. Even if you do not have the courage for intensive work, you can make certain drafts for the next day or to clean up some e-mails.
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    Teach them to play on their own. This is certainly easier when there are at least two people to do so. Table games (that are not usually noisy), perhaps even games in the computer are the solution. Avoid the easy alternative solution with the DVDs.
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    Coordinate them. They probably believe, that each time they play, they have to play pillow fight, or games which require body skills. This is good, but it can also end up hazardous. Explain to them how much they should love each other. If this doesn't work, then you can create an "award" for the most quiet kid. That should do because people are born to be competitive.
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    Send your kids to their grandparents. You probably know that already, and you love it. However, this is not a permanent solution. The grandmothers and the grandfathers are good and overindulge the grandchildren, but they are not responsible for their behavior. Keep this solution for a very important project that should be delivered immediately.
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    Go to an internet café or to a library. Your nerves are in knots and the willingness of your children to do their homework or play quietly, is minimal. Then being in an environment of adults, probably helps. A disadvantage is that you should definitely have someone to babysit.
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    Advise them to go and play outdoors. That sounds so pleasant and pedagogic. Tell them to go to the garden or to the balcony or anywhere. Learn about the facilities of your town and entertain them. Do you feel bad as a parent? You shouldn't. Remember all these times that you wished to go out to play games with your friends and you didn't have the time. At least, learn to your children to have fun!
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    Give your children work to do that looks like yours. They will probably still interrupt you occasionally, but it should keep them relatively busy for short periods of time while you get work done.
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    Hire a nanny. If you are able to afford a nanny (even if you are still at home) then certainly go ahead. The nanny will have the chance and the skills to engage your children with other activities , rather than playing with your computer.
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    Turn off the computer. You tried everything, but uselessly, your kids won't behave and you are exhausted. Deal with them. Read their beloved fairytale for the 189th time, buy them ice-creams and chips, and do whatever they want. In this way, they will feel appreciated and they won't be in the mood to destroy another day of yours.
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    Treat your job at home like a job at an office. When you're working, you're working and keep to a schedule as best you can. Do take time out to play with the kids, even if it's just five minutes to get them started on something. But make sure you're either working or playing, not both at the same time, or nothing will get done.
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    Make a to-do list. If you get pulled away from your work by your kids, it'll be easier to get back to what you were doing when they're done with you.


  • Let them go through old pictures if they're over 4. They might get a little dog eared, but your kids will love looking at pictures of you when you were younger. Tell them if they have questions about the pictures to set them aside and then you'll tell them all about those pictures when you're done working.
  • Hire a neighborhood pre-teen to come over for roughly $2 an hour to "babysit" while you work. The pre-teen will feel grown up and have fun, your child will be entertained, and you'll be right there if any problems arise. Just make sure that the sitter knows exactly what you expect of them.
  • For summer days try taking your work outside and give them a bucket full of water and a paintbrush. Ask them to paint the house, the deck, the sidewalk, whatever while you work. They'll love trying to "paint" the whole thing before the first part dries.
  • Give them rags and tell them to "dust" the house (no cleaners obviously). Kids love to feel responsible and all grown up. Dustbusters are also great for entertaining little ones. Everyone wins.
  • Coloring books or Play-Doh make for hours of entertainment. Sure, you'll have to occasionally look up from what you're doing to admire their work, but it will likely buy you half an hour or more.
  • Have them string macaroni on a string for the Christmas tree. You can make a "needle" out of masking tape and that'll keep them busy while enhancing their fine motor skills. Toddlers love that kind of stuff. Plus, if they decide to eat it, raw macaroni is good for them.
  • Give them some bath paints and have them paint the bath. Don't put any water in the tub and stay close by so you can hear if they added water. Give them things like crazy foam or shaving cream, bath paints (Crayola makes some), sponges, brushes, stamps, bath crayons, etc. Then, when they're all done they can wash away their creations and get a bath.
  • Buy a photo album and take pictures of them doing different things as well as their family doing different things. Then put those pictures in the album and ask them to make up songs about the pictures. You'll have to keep an ear open, but at least you'll get a few minutes here and there.
  • Spend special time with your kids, and let them know when it's time to work.


  • Make sure the nanny is a trustworthy person. Obviously everyone wants his/her assignment done fast, but if your kids report a problem with the child care which is provided to them, then dismiss your employee.

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