How to Win Sting Pong

Sting pong was a game designed by the average drunk Joe who didn't like ping pong, but liked hurting people. Sting pong's rules are simple; just follow the steps below.


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    Start off with ping pong. Sting pong is just like your normal ping pong game.
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    Avoid missing. If a person misses , he/she must turn around and look straight ahead. The winner hits the ping pong ball with the racket into the back of the loser.
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    Work on hand-eye coordination and strength. Sting pong is about honing these two abilities.
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    Be positive. When playing sting pong, don't think of losing or getting hit. This will distract you, and you will lose.
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    Don't show any sign of intimidation to your opponent. Walk in strong and think about your victory and how sweet it is going to feel when you hit the loser.


  • Hit it to the same side for the first few times, then make a change to the other side, and then go back to the first side.
  • After the first few games, study your opponent and how he/she plays. This is a good way to win games.
  • If you should lose and have to turn around, think of happy and safe thoughts. This will lessen the pain.


  • People who bruise easily shouldn't play, but don't be afraid give it a go!
  • Do not turn around when the opponent is going to hit you. This makes your face a huge target to the ping pong ball.

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